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What is Airapay?
AiraPay is a Shariah-compliant buy now pay later (BNPL) solution that allows you to pay for your purchases in instalments.
AiraPay is a subsidary of Aira Fintech Sdn Bhd
Yes, it does. Our Shariah advisory follows the Masryef advisory.
You can register on our website before or when you purchase a product at our partnering merchant site.
You can change your details at the dashboard located in the user profile section.
Your personal details will be requested upon registration to verify your identity. This is to avoid any identity theft/fraud.
No documents are necessary for your first purchase. Just use your debit or credit card for your first transaction.
To increase your spending limit you will be asked to upload documents for proof of income, i.e. bank statements, salary slip, utility bill. It’s not compulsory to upload any of these documents however, the more information we get, the easier it is for us to provide a higher spending limit.
No interest fees will be charged with AiraPay as it is an interest free solution.
AiraPay does not have any late payment charges. You will only need to pay the service fee that was waived in the 3 instalment payments if you lapse the date of your scheduled payment.
Yes, as long as you are not bankrupt and earning income you will qualify for AiraPay with a minimum spending limit. We thoroughly assess all our customers’ ability to pay back to maintain high standards and integrity in the industry.
No, AiraPay is for all Malaysians and it not confined to race or religion.
While other digital credit systems provide personal loans, AiraPay only provides the option to split your purchases into 3 instalment payments at the merchants checkout page.
We charge our partnering merchants a small fee for every successful purchase made.
You can view your spending limit and all transaction details in your user dashboard
No, you can’t use AiraPay for Zakat payments
Yes. For any assistance in managing your debt please email us at customercare@Airapay.my
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