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What is Moby Islamic?
Moby Islamic is a Shariah-compliant buy now pay later (BNPL) solution that allows you to pay for your purchases in instalments.
Is Buy Now Pay Later the same as money lending?
'Buy Now Pay Later' services should not be confused with money lending as it does not impose an "Riba" (interest) on repayment. Customers are only charged a fixed fee that is equivalent to the debt recovery efforts incurred by Moby Islamic when they default in payment.
Who manages Moby Islamic?
Moby Islamic is operated by Aira Fintech Sdn Bhd, a sister company of Moby Money Sdn Bhd.
Yes, it does. We are guided by Masyref Advisory to ensure we comply by Shariah rulings.
You can register for an Moby Islamic account on our website or when you purchase a product at our partnering merchant site.
You can change your details at the dashboard located in the user profile section.
Your personal details will be requested upon registration to verify your identity. This is to avoid any identity theft/fraud.
You would need to submit your MyKad and selfie holding your MyKad for identity verification purposes, your debit or credit card for your first transaction to qualify for a minimum spending limit. Other supporting documents are required to increase your spending limit.
To increase your spending limit you will be asked to upload documents for proof of income, i.e. bank statements, salary slip, utility bill. It’s not compulsory to upload any of these documents however, the more information we get, the easier it is for us to provide a higher spending limit. Your payment patterns will also influence your spending limit. Therefore, prompt payments of installments will increase your spending limit.
No interest fees will be charged with Moby Islamic as it is an interest free solution.
No. There are no handling fees. Customers of Moby Islamic are only expected to pay their scheduled payments. IF customer defaults in the instalment payment, Late Payment Charge will be imposed.

Moby Islamic imposes fixed late payment fee of RM 20.00 to cover the costs of its recovery activities.

This amount shall be treated as Ta'widh. Any amount in excess of the actual cost shall be treated as Gharamah and be channeled to charity.

Gharamah means (fine or penalty) and Ta`widh means (compensation) .

  • Attempt to deduct the outstanding payment from the registered debit/card card in 48 hours (2 times) from the scheduled payment due date

  • Send reminders to pay via email and SMS or any other medium available to Moby Islamic

  • Send letter of demand to customers to ensure repayment of outstanding amount

  • List customer’s default as negative trade reference in the affiliated credit bureau’s non bank data registry

  • Engage with debt collection agency to assist with the debt recovery process.

Yes, as long as you are not bankrupt and have no negative credit information on your credit report, you will qualify for Moby Islamic with a minimum spending limit. We thoroughly assess all our customers’ ability to pay back the installments to and to ensure that the spending limit is within the Custome’s affordability.
No, Moby Islamic is for all Malaysians and is not confined to race or religion.
While other digital credit systems provide personal loans, Moby Islamic only provides the option to split your purchases into 3 or 6 instalment payments at the merchants checkout page.
We charge our partnering merchants a small percentage for every successful purchase made using Moby Islamic
You can view your spending limit and all transaction details in your user dashboard
No, you can’t use Moby Islamic for Zakat payments
Yes. For any assistance in managing your debt please email us at customercare@airapay.my

We have a very stringent Merchant Onboarding process. During the Moby Islamic Merchant account application stage, we require Halal Certification specifically for merchants who sells food and beverage and cosmetic products. We also perform thorough due diligence to ensure we do not onboard merchants who sells or are involved in activities that are non-Shariah Compliant such as:-

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco and dangerous drugs

  • Pork and its by-products

  • Food items that are prohibited under the teaching of Islam such as frogs, snakes, crocodiles

  • Shariah non-compliant massage parlours that allow treatment from the opposite gender

  • Hotels – in particular those that offer alcohol, non-halal foods, or any other non-compliant activities

  • Production and distribution of idols, statues, and materials and place for worshipping other than Allah

    Yes provided that:-
  • i. customer is able to prove that he/she is no longer in a position to meet his debt obligation based on current financial position;

  • ii. When a customer has been declared under a judge’s declaration that he/she is insolvent, preventing him from disposing of his assets.

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