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How do I register as an Moby Islamic merchant?
You can sign up directly on our website or during the point of sale at the merchant’s page.
Why are we charged a Merchant Network Fee?
Merchant Network Fee is a ‘Ujrah’ charged to our affiliate merchant for the Buy Now Pay Later services we provide. Ujrah means commissions or charges for services agreed by our merchants as indicated in the Merchant Agreement.
Are there any requirements and restrictions to be an Moby Islamic merchant?
As we are a Shariah-compliant entity, merchants who sell products that are considered ‘haram’ will not be offered Moby Islamic as a payment option. It is a mandatory requirement for Merchants from certain categories such as food and beverage, (2) food premises (i.e restaurants, food courts, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, bakeries, fast food restaurants, canteens, club/hotel restaurants, kiosks, caterers, poultry), (3) slaughter houses and (4) Cosmetics to furnish the Halal Certification as a criteria prior onboarding.
What are the required documents needed to register?
You would need to submit your Company Commission Malaysia’s ROC or ROB Company Profile, Director’s IC, in the absence of Director’s involvement in the registration of Moby Islamic account process, we need the Authorization Letter of the Authorized Signatory and the Authorised Signatory, Latest Bank Statement and of course the Halal Certification if you fall under any one of the categories mentioned above.
How long will the Moby Islamic onboarding approval take?
It would take between 2 to 3 working days. We will get in touch to inform you on your application status.
When can I start using Moby Islamic?
Once your application is approved, you can start integrating Moby Islamic as a payment option. If you have already integrated with our payment gateway partner you will not require any further integration.
Can I register if I’ve been declared bankrupt?
No, we do not accept anyone who is bankrupt to sign up with Moby Islamic.
How will Moby Islamic reconcile my sales?
Moby Islamic will send you a Daily Settlement Report and we would reconcile your sales based on that report.
How do I change my bank account details?
You have to officially write in on your official letterhead to instruct us to change bank account details.
I’ve just started using Moby Islamic. When will I start receiving my first settlement?
Our settlements will be done within two (2) working days the date of the Daily Settlement Reports
What is the payment reconciliation schedule?
T+2 or more depending on our internal risk assessment of your company profile.
Can I make changes to my reconciliation schedule?
All changes have to be confirmed by Moby Islamic Fintech Sdn Bhd
Are there any minimum amount to reach for the settlement to be credited?
I haven’t reached the minimum amount, can I still get my money?
Yes you may request but there will be a charge of RM1.00 per withdrawal
I didn’t receive my settlement. Why is this happening?
Your settlement amount is below the minimum threshold of RM100.00
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